New York State Jewelers Association
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NYSJA Membership

The New York State Jewelers Association was formed in 1909 to foster, promote and protect the welfare of the jewelers in New York State. With members from Montauk to Buffalo, the NYSJA represents the top retailers, designers, suppliers and manufacturers in New York City—the jewelry capital of the world.

NYSJA has a established a new vision going forward - to reach out and appeal to all those involved in all aspects of the jewelry industry and jewelry-related businesses: vendors; manufacturers; suppliers; importers; findings companies; gem labs; jewelry insurance companies and retailers. NYSJA is also pleased to announce that the Bylaws have been revised to include jewelry industry professionals from around the country can now join NYSJA!! (Previously, only jewelry industry professionals who conducted business in New York State could join).

Due to the divestiture from Jewelers of America (August 2009) NYSJA now offers only one type of membership for $95.00 per year. There will no longer be Regular and Associate types of membership. Click the Join The NYSJA link under the Membership tab for an application and a full list of benefits.

In addition, NYSJA's Bylaws have been revised to reflect the change(s) in membership types. (please click on "BYLAWS" for the updated version).

If you have any further questions about membership, please call the NYSJA
office at 212-290-1555 or write to .